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Sustainable Hunting Expeditions

Our passion for sustainable hunting and conservation drives our operation. Hunt Fish Trek's expeditions are truly memorable family experiences, and as every family is different we tailor make every safari to your needs.

At Hunt Fish Trek we are passionate about wildlife and Africa, our family friendly hunting expeditions will capture your imagination and leave you with years of shared family memories.

The concept of ethical hunting has been around for some time and it is our strong feeling at Hunt Fish Trek that all hunters should have an understanding of its principles and practise these when in the field or bush.

Hunt Fish Trek believes that ethical hunting means that a person knows and respects the game and animals hunted, follows the law and behaves in a way that will satisfy what society expects of a hunter. Ethical hunters are familiar with the places they hunt, the wildlife that live there and the way they should behave when hunting.

Practising ethical hunting techniques in the field will ensure that you get the most out of your hunting experience and will assist to secure the future of your recreational activity.

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