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Sport Fishing Excursions

The African shore offers some of the most diverse fishing grounds in the world and Hunt fish trek specializes in family friendly shore fishing excursions.

A variety of seasonal species including Yellowfin, Yellowtail, Grunter, Kob and Cape Salmon promises year round fishing. Years of fishing has made us privy to some of the most beautiful fishing locations enabling us to tailor make the best fishing excursions, whether you are an experienced angler or a novice.

Our opinion at Hunt Fish Trek is that every recreational and sports anglers should practice the following guidelines:

  • Adheres to regulations. A responsible angler always has a valid recreational angling permit; adheres to regulations; uses legal roads and tracks when accessing fishing areas; and reports illegal activities such as environmental damage and pollution.
  • Negates harm to fish. A responsible angler handles all species in a way that ensures their best chance of survival; quickly and humanely kills retained fish to ensure the least amount of suffering; and uses equipment and tackle that minimise stress and injury to fish.
  • Gathers information. A responsible angler seeks information on the status of marine resources and the impacts of angling on species; embraces recommendations from informed researchers and fishery managers; and records details of their catch.
  • Leaves the area in a better state. A responsible angler disposes of fishing line and plastics appropriately, leaving the environment and fishing area in the same or a better condition than when he or she arrived.
  • Encourages best practice. A responsible angler does not sell fish; collects bait with the minimum disturbance to the environment; and acts responsibly when exposed to activities that will negatively affect the conservation of marine resources.
  • Role model to others. A responsible angler is a role model to other anglers and leads by example; educates others – especially younger anglers – about sustainable fishing practices and is considerate of other legitimate marine users.

“The Responsible Angler: guidelines for responsible recreational fishing in South Africa” can be downloaded here.